Cape Sports Medicine

Cape Sports Medicine (CSM)

Cape Sports Medicine is a partnership between Drs Jason Suter, Jeroen Swart, Leigh Gordon, Sid Allie and Adrian Rotunno.

Cape Sports Medicine (CSM) treats all levels of athletes, from elite to recreational sports enthusiasts and to those who have any exercise-related medical conditions. We treat individuals, as well as providing medical support to various sport teams in the Western Cape.

CSM also provides premier corporate and executive wellness programmes.

CSM aims to provide the highest levels of care for the

  • prevention
  • diagnosis
  • management and
  • rehabilitation of injury and disease

Timely accurate diagnosis is essential for appropriate management and rehabilitation of a range of conditions: these include

  • joint pain
  • acute muscle and tendon injuries
  • as well as overuse conditions

We work together with professionals in other allied disciplines to facilitate a multi-disciplinary approach for the optimal non-operative management of injuries. However, where injuries may require a surgical intervention, we refer rapidly to our surgical colleagues to optimise recovery and rehabilitation time. 

The CSM group also provides a concussion management programme for clients who participate in any contact or collision sport. This programme includes baseline testing as well the diagnosis and appropriate management of these injuries in children, adolescents and adults. Where appropriate, we liaise with the schools and provide a framework for these learners to return to full academic life before they commence their sport.

In recognition of our expertise, Cape Sports Medicine has been accredited as a FIMS (International Sports Medicine Federation) Collaborating Centre of Sports Medicine, one of only 27 centres worldwide.

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